Experience, Passion, & Dedication

Kane Solar has been providing solar solutions to homeowners and businesses throughout western Maine since 2015. We are passionate about helping our customers save on their monthly utility bill while minimizing their carbon footprint.

A positive force for change in Maine and beyond
We are a hyper-local company doing what we can to address big world challenges. Because we care about the world our kids are going to inherit. Our mission is to be a positive force for change in the face of the climate crisis by increasing our customers’ reliance on clean and renewable energy sources.

Worker ownership
At Kane Solar, we’re not just growing a company, we’re building community. In 2024 we will complete the process of becoming a worker-owned cooperative and will be on our way to getting B Corp certified.

Join the Team

When you work at Kane Solar, it’s never just a job. You’ll be part of a mission-driven organization where your voice is respected and appreciated. You’ll help shape our culture and the future of our company.

Inspired to Make the World a Cleaner Place

Kane Solar was founded on the principle of collaboration and the belief that we have a responsibility to take care of each other and the planet.

Back in the 1990s, our founder Shawn Kane was just beginning a career in industrial design when he became dismayed by the short lifecycle of consumer products. He wondered, were environmental responsibility and profitability mutually exclusive? Shawn knew there had to be a better way. So he moved back to his home state of Maine and put his skills to use designing a more sustainable product—timber frame homes.

Over the next 15 years, Shawn became versed in all things related to sustainable home design, from alternative insulation systems to sources of renewable energy.

In 2015, he met Fred Garbo, a fellow entrepreneur who shared his belief in the future of solar as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Fred was the first person in the state of Maine to own a 100% electric vehicle and to buy an AllEarth Solar Tracker for use on a mini solar farm. So, with a shared belief in the future of solar and Shawn’s experience with electrical systems, the two set off on a journey to become trained installers for AllEarth Renewables and launch their own solar company.

Kane Solar has installed dozens of solar arrays throughout western Maine since its founding nearly a decade ago. Looking to the company’s next phase of growth, Shawn and Fred discovered they had different visions. So, in 2022, the two parted ways to allow Shawn to grow the company as he envisioned.

With Fred’s departure, Shawn reached out to childhood friend Rob Korhonen for help with finances. Together, they began strategizing how to transition the company to a worker-ownership model. Shawn and Rob soon discovered that their shared vision for the future of Kane Solar, along with their combined skills and experience, would make them great business partners.

So, in 2023, Rob came on board as co-owner and COO to help steer the company into the next decade of growth. He brings to Kane Solar a broad breadth of experience in finance, operations, and business development.