Recent Projects

Maine’s first solar-powered gym – TruStrength Athletics, Norway, Maine. An amazing project we continue to expand! Jesse Wall, owner and head coach wanted a solely solar-powered gym aligning with the company’s green goals. Kane Solar is helping him achieve this, along with reducing electric bills, and increasing his customer base with excitement about solar power! We installed 5 MT Solar single-axis trackers that are producing power year round for this amazing gym. Kane Solar is currently installing more solar at TruStrength on a new beautiful timber frame canopy, offering more energy and new outside training opportunities.

Maine-ly Actions Sports- Oxford, Maine. With 3 All Earth Solar Trackers, these folks have maximized their solar gain for their business. With views of these moving trackers right next to route 26, heads turn and cars slow down to view this large moving array.

With 2 axis tracking, they follow the sun all day long and go flat at night. In high winds they will also lay flat. Bifacial panels collect sun from top and bottom, even getting reflected light in winter! Kane Solar is the largest installers of these trackers in Maine!

The leader in Western Maine Solar system design and install since 2015.

Whether a residential or commercial design, Kane Solar builds industrial strength boutique, high quality, high producing systems individually for each home or business we serve in Maine. Part of that value is not just the electrical goals of our customers but adhering to proper aesthetic design principles.

Kane Solar builds the best looking renewable energy addition to the exterior of your properties currently available in the US. This long standing commitment to customer service, quality, reducing energy costs for our customers and reducing Maine’s carbon footprint are at the forefront of each day for Kane Solar.

Choosing a solar company with a long history of success and service in Western Maine is a no brainer. For the best possible system for your aesthetic, financial and fossil fuel reducing needs, look no further then Kane Solar.

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