Collaboration Is at the Heart of Everything We Do

From our relationships with each other to the way we engage with our customers and vendors.

At the end of the day, we share the same goal. To enjoy the work we do and the people we work with, while making a meaningful impact in the world.

Kane Solar is moving towards being a worker-owned cooperative and a certified B Corp within the next few years.

We believe that the way forward is a democratically organized company where everyone has a voice and takes part in the risks and rewards of doing business.

We’re Building a Culture of Collaboration

We’re committed to creating a work environment that celebrates:



We only ask of our fellow team members what we would be willing to do ourselves.


Cross-training not only creates a more collaborative work environment, it helps create room for career growth and learning.


No one person is above or below another member of our team. Every one of us brings something valuable to the table.

Knowledge Sharing.

We’re passionate about sharing what we’ve learned about business, solar, and sustainability with others.

Profit Distribution.

Everyone should participate in the risks and rewards of doing business, not just upper management.

The Triple Ps.

We put equal emphasis on profit, people, and planet when measuring our success.

Work/Life Balance.

We value your ideas and contributions as a member of our team, as well as what’s important to you outside of work.